"Admission Open for the Academic year 2020-2021"

"Admission Open for the Academic year 2020-2021"

Origin of Peaches

How PEACHES started?

The idea of opening a playbased preschool in Bangalore started with a search for playbased preschool for an NRI couple Mr & Mrs Reddy in the year 2013 who wanted to enroll their kid. The disheartened couple realized that the quality of Early childhood Education in Bangalore was very low compared to many other countries in the world. Both their boys were products of playbased philosophy in USA and they learned through hands on activities and were encouraged to think out of the box, both in school and at home as their mother herself was a preschool teacher who held a Master Teacher certification from Mission College, California in the field of Early Childhood Education.

After her graduation, Mrs Reddy worked there in preschools which were accredited to Reggio Emilia and Waldorf Steiner philosophies. Hence the couple came up with the idea of starting PEACHES (Playbased Early Childhood Education). The planning and implementation took about almost 2 years as the founder herself handpicked each and every furniture, toys and accessories herself by keeping in mind the real essence of Reggio and Waldorf philosophy. All the products were shipped from USA in a container. It took her another 6 months to renovate her house which is located on an 8000 sqft parcel of land in the heart of Marathahalli, Bangalore. Thus PEACHES, American Playbased Preschool came to life.

Our Philosophy

Like Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”, children learn through play. Play is a form of research, where children pursue their curiosities though play to its logical end. Play is a way of learning for children. At Peaches, we have incorporated a few aspects of Waldorf Steiner, Reggio Emilia and High scope philosophy. During a typical preschool day there will be structured and unstructured periods, enabling children to learn through at their own rate. Play nourishes every aspect of children’s development—it forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life. Play “paves the way for learning”. For example, block building and sand and water play lay the foundation for logical mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning, and cognitive problem solving. Rough-and-tumble play develops social and emotional self-regulation. Play fosters creativity and flexibility in thinking. There is no right or wrong way to do things; there are many possibilities in play—a chair can be a car or a boat, a house or a bed. Pretend play fosters communication, developing conversational skills, turn taking, perspective taking and the skills of social problem solving—persuading, negotiating, compromising, and cooperating.


The early years of children’s lives are the most critical when it comes to their development. They are growing and learning at a phenomenal rate. I believe that it is very important to have a child in an environment that is consistent and secure. Children need to be able to form secure attachments not only with their parents but also with their teachers/caregivers. Simply being in a loving and nurturing environment forms these types of attachments. We want the children to feel as comfortable and secure as they would in their own home. Our environment respects the need for comfort and a place to pause for both children and adults alike. At PEACHES our natural materials provides an infinite number of possibilities, and convey a sense of calmness and tranquility for children. Our thoughtful attention to creating an environment that enables children to develop relationships with the world around them, themselves and each other is an important aspect of our early childhood program.


Founder: Ms Suma Reddy

Hi, my name is Suma Reddy and I am the founder of PEACHES Preschool. I am a native of Bangalore, born and brought up in Chinnapanahalli. I moved to California, USA about 10 years ago after my marriage. I had a passion of working with children right from my bachelor days which led me to do my Bachelor in Arts with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. So, after my kids were born and watching them grow, I decided to pursue my passion in USA. So I enrolled in an ECE program and graduated with a Master Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education. After completion of the degree, I worked in a couple of different preschools for a few years enriching my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. I moved back to India for a short while in 2013 during which time I wanted to enroll my son in a preschool and the rest, as they say, is history.

Co-Founder: Mrs Nagaveni Ananthram Reddy

Mrs Nagaveni, mother of founder Ms Suma Reddy is one of the key pillars of PEACHES. Ms Nagaveni is a sharp, strong willed woman who not only dedicated the property towards the noble cause of opening a school but also supported the entire venture financially. Also having experience in the field of construction, credit goes to her for supervising the civil work which went towards making PEACHES the unique place it is today. She is not involved in the day to day operations but steps in whenever any advice is required.

Co-Founder: Mr Naveen Reddy

Hi, my name is Naveen Reddy and together with my wife, the founder, decided to start PEACHES. I was in the Bay area, USA for the last 15 years and worked in several top semiconductor companies. After my wife decided to come back to Bangalore to start the school, I took a short break to help her in the set up. But after looking at her enthusiasm, the philosophy and the difference it has made to the kids currently enrolled, I decided to step in full time and work alongside her in realizing her dream of making PEACHES the best preschool in Bangalore. My other interests include travelling, reading, cricket and of course spending time with my kids.

Human Resource & Co ordinator: Ms Pallavi Choudhury

Hey Folks!! My name is Pallavi Choudhury. I am the HR and Coordinator of Peaches Preschool. I have done my Master’s in Personnel Management from Pune University and have got corporate experience for about 5 years. The reason for me joining PEACHES is my son. I came to PEACHES for my son’s enrollment and realized he was too young to get enrolled. After having a chit chat with Suma about the school and its philosophy, I fell in love with it. I shared my desire to be a part of PEACHES‘s family to Suma. After the interview and selection process I finally got a chance to be a part of the PEACHES’ dynamic team.
I am extrovert as a person who loves interacting with people. My hobby includes travelling, cooking, playing Table Tennis and reading. I am glad and proud to be a part of PEACHES family!!


It stands for Playbased Early Childhood Education System.
Like Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”, children learn through play. Play is a form of research, where children pursue their curiosity to its logical end. For example, at Peaches, one of the things we make the children do is gardening. When they plant a seed, they are curious as to what’s happening and start asking questions. And when they see a sampling grow and bear fruits, they will understand the process of the life cycle of a plant at the basic level. This lays the foundation to seek more answers and hence they learn more and more. This is a life skill which is very important and one of a key factor to becoming successful. Through this and many more such exercises, the analytical skills of the children are honed.
Ms. Suma Reddy personally trains all her staff according to PEACHES philosophy. This is an ongoing training since the curriculum is dynamic and is based on the interests on the children. Hence all the teachers are well trained and are sensitive to the needs of children.
For Playgroup it is 1: 8 , Nursery it is 1:9 and Kindergarten it is 1:10.
No, Peaches preschool is not a franchise. It is an independent preschool.
No. We believe that giving out a franchise will dilute our philosophy and hence do not give out franchises.
Yes, it is. Please contact the school for further information.
Yes Peaches provides snacks and all our snacks are balanced and healthy nutritious diet. For example, a fruit/ veggie ,carbohydrates and protein ( grapes, cheese sandwich/ vegetable mini idlies and milk)


“A child has a hundred languages”. They try to unite and develop all these languages, innovation, construction, fantasy, art, music, dance, building, writing, talking, singing, science, body and soul. The multiple languages are used to help children build knowledge and understand the world around them. Natural environment is incorporated as much as possible to enhance this concept. At PEACHES we follow an emergent curriculum which arises naturally from adult-child interactions and situations that allow for “teachable moments”. It includes all interests of children and responds to their interest rather them focusing on a narrow, individual, or calendar- driven topic. It is process rather than product driven. The curriculum is typically implemented after an idea or interest area emerges from the group of children.


Why join Peaches

The school is state of the art with emphasis given on both outdoors and indoors. The outdoor area has an amazing playstructure, a huge sand pit, fruit and vegetable knowledge corridor, cycle track, 2 lawns, trampoline and more. We can proudly say that this is one the largest outdoor play areas for a preschool. And keeping in mind the philosophy of Waldorf and Reggio, where emphasis in made on natural material, most of the indoor items like chairs, tables, play toys etc are imported from USA and made of wood rather than plastic. The classrooms are big and designed in such a way that each room has a circle time area, a library a play area and their own bathrooms. In other words, each classroom is big, well ventilated and self sufficient. It would not be an understatement to say that with such a thoughtful approach, and the quality of education imparted, this is one of the best preschools in Bangalore.

Highlights of Peaches

Situated over 8000 sqft area

Largest outdoor play area

Spacious bright and airy classrooms

Imported furnitures, toys, books and play equipments

Vegetable/Fruit garden

Child Oriented Curriculum

Well educated and trained teachers

Low student to teacher ratio



    Admission for the little ones has become a stressful task in today’s scenario. Parents have a wide variety to choose from like the philosophy the school follows, teacher to student ratios, timing & curriculum etc not to mention the infrastructure like classrooms, outdoor play area, cleanliness and hygiene of the environment, sanitization of the toys, surroundings just to mention a few. One of the main problems parents face is the lack of reliable information related to the above to make a well informed decision. We at PEACHES understand this and have come up with a 3 step process to take the stress out of decision making. By the end of this process, parents would have seen our amazing campus, interacted with the director and staff and have their questions answered. We hope to build a memorable experience for both the parents and kids with this process.

    Step 1 : ENQUIRY FORM ( download it here )

    Submit in person the enquiry form. Enquiry forms can be downloaded or picked up from school.

    Hours of operation for picking up/submitting the form would be from 12PM – 3PM on weekdays and 10AM – 1PM on Saturdays.


    We will email you with an appointment time for the campus tour. Please respond to the mail confirming your availability.

    Step 3 : CAMPUS VISIT

    On the appointment day, we would like both the parents to come with their child to visit the campus. Any questions related to the school can be discussed at this time. Appointment time lasts for 30 minutes.


    Groups (Cutoff age for admission as of June 1st 2020) Timing
    Play group (1year 10months) 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    Nursery (2years 10months) 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    L.K.G (3years 10months)9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    U.K.G (4years 10months) 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    Admission Open for Academic year 2020-2021


    • Admissions are limited according to the number of seats available.

    • Admissions are on a first-come-first-served basis.

    • A detailed list of all our policies can be found in the Parent Handbook which will be emailed to you upon admission.

    • Rights of admission are reserved.

    List of documents required for enrollment.

    1. Duly filled application form.

    2. Six passport photo of the child.

    3. One passport photo of each parent.

    4. A copy of the immunization record of the child.

    5. A copy of the birth certificate of the child.

    6. Fees.


  • We at PEACHES are constantly looking for people who have a passion for teaching and love working with our precious little ones. We provide a great platform for teachers where in the atmosphere is friendly and the director Ms Suma will provide onsite training based on Waldorf, Highscope and Reggio Emillia philosophies on a regular basis. So, if you are a motivated person with love for teaching, please email your resume/CV to info@peachespreschool.com. Below are the open positions for which we are seeking candidates

    1. Lead Teachers

    • Should have at least 4 years experience working in a preschool.

    • Good communication skills in English.

    • Willing to learn new philosophies.

    • Take ownership.

    2. Assistant Teachers

    • Should have at least 1 year experience working in a preschool.

    • Good communication skills in English.

    • Willing to learn.

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#160, Sri Krishna Paradise, Chinnapanahalli, Marathahalli Post. Bangalore.
Landmark- Next To Mahaveer Bowers Apartment on the Railway Service Road.
Landline No- : 080-41112842 / Mobile No - 9591355088